What is His Shoes/Her Shoes?

“Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” and you begin to understand them. Men and women are told a lot about what it means to be a good husband or wife respectively, but they also need to understand what it is like to be the other spouse. Beyond a “Mars/Venus” approach that recognizes that men and women are different, this seminar shows that it is exactly the way that God intended it to be and that those differences actually fit and benefit the marriage relationship.

This 1-day seminar (Saturday or Sunday) includes Biblical teaching for husbands and wives as well as break-out sessions to discuss the God given design for marriage. Participants will understand the importance of their spouse as well as their own role and responsibility. The seminar can be modified to fit any schedule or meet specific needs.

The material is suitable for both Christian and non-Christian couples. It makes a great outreach opportunity as well as a resource for your members.

Seminar Topics Include:

  • Big Shoes to Fill - Being a Husband (for wives)
  • These Shoes Are Too Tight - Being a Wife (for husbands)
  • Glass Slippers - Finding God's 'Happily Ever After'
  • If the Shoe Fits? - Making it Work
  • Climbing in High Heels - Overcoming Difficulties
  • Pumps and Penny Loafers - The Fashion of Passion
  • Whose Bed Are Your Shoes Under? – Faithfulness in Marriage
  • It's All About Your Soles (Souls) - Getting to Heaven...Together

Special Topics Also Available:

  • Breaking in New Shoes – Marriage in the Early Years
  • Kickin’ Up Your Heels – Marriage in the Later Years
  • Baby Booties – Children in Marriage